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   StationWindGustDirectionAir TempHumi dityPres sureVisib ilityRadiationWater TempSali nityLevelCurrentDirectionSign. WavePeriodCodeStation
MCH Kaliakra                KAZ Kaliakra
MCH Balchik                BAZ Balchik
MCH Varna bay                VAZ Varna bay
MCH Varna Post1                VAP Varna Post1
MCH Varna West Port                VZA Varna West Port
MCH Beloslav                VBA Beloslav
MCH Emine                EMZ Emine
MCH Pomorie                POZ Pomorie
MCH Burgas Port                BUP Burgas Port
MCH Burgas bay                BUZ Burgas bay
MCH Burgas Oil Port                BUN Burgas Oil Port

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